The Secret to Ranking on Google Maps!


With more and more consumers relying on Google Maps to find local services, it’s essential that your business can be found quickly and easily. Our team of experts has the secret to ranking higher on Google maps — you just need the right combination of optimization strategies!

Higher Rankings On Google Maps

We’ve developed a comprehensive process for helping you get to the coveted local-pack & number one spot on Google Maps.

More 5-Star Positive Reviews

We have developed a comprehensive strategy that will help you get more 5-star positive reviews from your customers.

Increase Calls, Web Traffic, & Leads.

Our solutions help you get more calls, web traffic, and leads through your Google business profile page by optimizing it for the search engine.

Rank Higher on Google Maps and Local Searches

For local businesses, staying relevant to searches is key. To ensure that your Business Profile effectively resonates with potential customers’ queries, make sure it’s up-to-date with comprehensive information about what you offer. This will enable Google to understand the ins and outs of your business so that optimizing for relevance becomes a breeze!

Google recognizes how important proximity is to the intended user, and automatically calculates distance between each search result and either their specific location or a reasonable estimation thereof. This ensures that users are only presented with relevant content; no matter where they may be located.

Maximizing your business’s visibility online is an effective way to boost your local rankings. Building local links from articles, and directories is an important part of it along with reviews from customers regarding their experiences with your company. All this data plays an essential role in determining your business’s prominence and where it appears on a local search engine results page!

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STOP missing out on potential customers?

Never miss out on potential customers again with GBP Ninja! We help clients increase their local search visibility. Our team of experts will optimize your Google Business Profile to get you the top spot in local search results and dominate the pack. Stop wasting time doing all that cumbersome work yourself, and let us bring you more leads.

More than 10 years of Google Business Optimization Experience

All we do is Google Business Profiles. For the past 10+ years, GBP Ninja has researched and studied Google’s top local search ranking factors. We’ve used this information to develop our award-winning strategy. We have a 99% service success rate because we have mastered ranking 1 on Google Maps.

First Spot Rankings

Years of Experience

Service Satisfaction

Simple Strategies.

Higher Rankings.

More Leads.

How do We help?

We help business rank higher on Google Maps by optimizing their Google Business Listing. Ultimately, driving more traffic to their company and increasing their revenue. 

Here’s How To Rank On Google Maps 

25-Point Google Business Audit

Most businesses have no idea what their online presence should look like. How can you find out exactly how Google sees your business? We’ve created a 25-point audit tool to help! This audit will review the areas that Google considers when evaluating business sites and deciding their rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Competitor and Local Analysis

We take an in-depth examination of your competitors’ Local SEO efforts. We carefully and systematically compare the Google Business Profile content, organic keyword rankings, backlinks, and more to uncover how you can dominate and outrank the competition. We pinpoint weak spots and take advantage of industry trends to ensure you get the best results for your business.

Citation Building

Local citation is essential to Google Maps SEO as it affects how search engines view your business’s online presence and credibility. We ensure that citations are accurate and up-to-date to achieve the greatest benefits from local SEO. Google, for example, includes these local citations on its maps platform, which means an accurate listing can help with visibility and bring more relevant viewers directly to your Google Business Profile.

*Update: Recently, we started implementing a new and very effective strategy for supercharging local citations.

Review Velocity & Generation

Reviews are crucial to helping your Google Business Profile rank well in Google Maps. This is due to the fact that they act as social proof and are providing potential customers with credible information about what it’s like to work with you or use one of your products. Googles AI Crawlers use reviews in their algorithms as an indicator that you have a good reputation amongst customers, thus improving SERPs when customers perform local searches. We implement proven strategies to boost your customer reviews and maintain a consistent review velocity.

Hyper-Local Backlinks

Local backlinks are essential to getting your business higher visibility in search engine results. We create quality links by reaching out to local organizations, media outlets, and other businesses in your location for potential partnerships or linking opportunities. We do all of this for you because no matter what you may have heard, Links Are Still Important To Google! Google uses your backlink profile to determine your business’s credibility and boost your rankings when consumers conduct local searches.

Google Business Management

We will help you verify your location(s) if needed. Google relies on your GBP data to decide when and where it will show your business. We ensure all your business information is accurate and optimized. We geo-tag photos for location signals and also add products and services as needed. We also manage the important but also often forgotten FAQ section. You can use Google Business Profile FAQs to answer customer questions. This section is valuable for Google’s local search algorithms. So we fully build and/or optimize it so that you are getting the most from it.

Google Business Posting/Offers

We manage your Google Business Profile posting to ensure potential customers see your business. Not only will your business profile show up in search results, but also customers can follow and interact with you here. Google favors businesses that update their current and potential customers about new products, offers, or events related to your business.

Business Listings Power-Up New!

Local citation links aren’t beneficial if you don’t power them up. We take steps to ensure you get the most from your local citations. First, we optimize and acquire over 100 industry-relevant business listings for your business. We then get them indexed and powered up with quality backlinks to boost your Google Business Profile & website.

Google AI Manipulation Sercret Strategy

In order to rank higher in Google Maps for a particular city, you need to convince Google AI crawlers that your business is the most relevant search option. Our proprietary software is able to accomplish this for any local business industry.

Live Reporting Dashboard

Your live dashboard contains all your Google Business Profile Reports from GBP Ninja and tracks local rankings, phone calls, driving directions, website visits, and much more. We provide 100% transparency so that you can track our progress and success.

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What’s Our Advantage?

Well, we kind of found the secret to consistently ranking higher on Google Maps. 42% of all local searches result in clicks on the Google Map Pack. Our tactic and strategy has helped multiple companies reach the #1 spot in there local map pack, resulting in more leads, sales, and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I see results?

We have achieved results in as quick as 1 week for some of our clients. Typically it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to see higher rankings. Googles local ranking factors (Relevance, Distance, and Prominence) can have an impact on how soon your business will rank higher.

Why Should I Invest In You?

We guarantee results in 90 days or your money back. *Positive Results are improvements in any of the following but is not limited to: Leads, Calls, Search Traffic, Higher Rankings, Review Velocity, Share of local voice (SoLV), GBP Geo-Coverage. 

How do you know what to post on my Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile posts work best for things like promotions or sales. If your business is not offering either of these, we will create and post website related content.

Is GBP Optimization available for multi-location clients?

Yes, we have the tools to ensure your multi-location business is accurate and ranking in all its locations.

Do you offer discounts for multiple listings?

We do! Multi-location discounts are only applied to annual plan accounts. Our discount ranges from 5% – 20% based on the number of locations.

Do you offer other On-Page SEO services?

No, our Local Search Ninjas are solely dedicated to optimizing your Google Business Profile. Though some of our strategies and tactics will have a positive impact on your website and on-page SEO, this is not our main focus.

When will my GBP be set up?

Once access has been provided, it will take our Local Search Ninjas approximately 7 business to complete your initial NAP update.

What is NAP data?

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone. The NAP data is one of the most important parts of your client’s listing. It should be accurate and consistent with the information on their website.

How do I verify my business on Google?

Wondering how to improve your Google Business Profile Ranking on your own?